This smart Stethoscope is a high quality and high sensitive digital stethoscope, which includes accessories of a headset, a stethoscope head and audio cable. It is a specialized auxiliary device intended for medical diagnostic use in respiratory diseases such as pediatric pneumonia, child asthma, elderly bronchitis, etc. 

This device integrates weak signal detection technology, acoustic signal analysis, and artificial intelligence technology, enabling users to accurately improve self-diagnostic capabilities. Hence, it allows the patients to reduce reliance on doctors for early stage diagnosis of any respiratory diseases. For the physicians, it greatly improves the diagnosis process and reduces unnecessary referrals.


Product ModeliSteso
Measurementdiameter: 58mm, height: 78mm
Storing Environment-20℃ – 55℃, RH<80%
Power Supply3.7V Lithium battery
ChargingDC 5V 1A
Battery Lifecharge  and discharge more than 600 times
Signal Magnification100 times
Signal Sensitivity4 mV/Pa
Noise Reduction-35 dB