Our Products

DANAVI for Hypoxia

DANAVI for Hypoxia helps you take charge of your health by integrating wireless oximeter and contactless thermometer to help you organize and monitor your daily blood oxygen saturation and temperature. Using DANAVI App, you can notice abnormal temperature and blood oxygen saturation level measurements and get help immediately. By monitoring these measurements, you can avoid potentially dangerous condition called Silent Hypoxia.

DANAVI for Workplace

DANAVI for Workplace helps employers understand the status of their workforce by providing real-time data about their health status. DANAVI allows you to quickly and simply ask health related questions and scan the temperature of individuals, using a contactless infrared thermometer and automatically records the temperature securely in the cloud, accessible to only those with proper clearance.

DANAVI for Homecare

DANAVI for Homecare helps patients to stay healthy during preparation of upcoming treatment and throughout their recovery period after being discharged from the hospital for their treatments. Using DANAVI Home Care, healthcare providers encourages patients to adhere to their post-treatment care and enable constant communication with their patients. Clinical information is routinely or continuously collected and processed, presented to the patient as well as healthcare provider, for quick feedback, triage, and instant intervention.