DANAVI Health Monitor

DANAVI Health Monitor: this multi-functional health monitoring device makes the tricorder in Star Trek come true. DANAVI Health Monitor is configured with the blood pressure measurement module with a MITSUMI high accuracy pressure sensor. Not only will it monitor and record blood pressure data, but it will also record basic vital signs such as heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen and respiration. All this data reflects a person’s specific state of health, so DANAVI Health Monitor integrates a blood oxygen sensor, infrared body temperature sensor, blood glucose monitoring and test module, single lead ECG test module (supportive of multiple-lead test cable) into a compact monitor, which enables users to enjoy basic medical service even at home.


DANAVI Health Monitor has multiple functions of measurement in one unit:

  • heart rate 
  • body temperature
  • blood pressure
  • blood oxygen

The monitor works with your mobile device to collect, track and share data.

The unit is intended for use both at home or care facility, and to provide long-term monitoring of hypertension, fever detection and anoxic injury prevention.


Device ModelMintti Vision
Environment temperature5℃ – 40℃
Relative humidity15% – 93%
Barometric pressure70 kPa – 106 kPa
Supply voltage50V ±0.25V
Battery capacity400mAH
Communication protocolBluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth working frequency2.4000 – 2.4835 GHz