DANAVI simplifies your reopening efforts

The DANAVI App helps employers understand the status of their workforce by providing real-time data about their health status. DANAVI allows you to quickly and simply ask health related questions and scan the temperature of individuals, using a contactless infrared thermometer and automatically records the temperature securely in the cloud, accessible to only those with proper clearance.


Fully customizable questionnaire is presented to the employee.

phone check in

Employees can use an assigned badge or the DANAVI app on their phone to check in

Unique QR Code

Each employee is assigned a unique QR code to allow secure ID during the check-in process

contactless thermometer

Our FDA-cleared contactless thermometer scans and stores the employee’s temperature within 1 second. That means no wasted time waiting for a temperature.

Our Customers

“DANAVI for Workplace automates the entire workplace screening process in all of our facilities and saves hours of our staff’s time. Our staff can complete the daily questionnaire, and take the temperature on their own in about a minute. The results are documented automatically and accessible through our customized portal immediately. We are very pleased with the system.” – Roland Acupido, Human Resources Directory, Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley

HOW IT works

You’ll know immediately if anyone has a fever, (one of the first, key signs of the COVID-19 virus), and will also be able to assure your customers that every employee has been checked.

The DaNavi app is easy to use and simplifies the tasks of managing your workforce during your reopening process. It is a great tool for workplaces, schools, public spaces and even individuals.Contact us today to find out how simple and quick it is to get your workplace solution up and running.


We simplify your screening process considerably by enabling paperless process. It takes less than a minute to complete the screening.


Our system is customizable to your business needs so you can easily achieve your screening objectives.


We help your business solve all your screening needs swiftly so you can focus on other important matters.