DANAVI for Hypoxia

Help to detect early stages of hypoxemia through oxygen levels in blood stream

Current available data suggests that 80% of COVID-19 infections are mild or asymptomatic. By using pulse oximeters and monitoring blood oxygen saturation can help individuals recognize signs of COVID-19 before they notice any other symptoms. The DANAVI for Hypoxia App helps you take charge of your health by integrating wireless oximeter and contactless thermometer to help you organize and monitor your daily blood oxygen saturation and temperature. Using DANAVI App, you can notice abnormal temperature and blood oxygen saturation level measurements and get help immediately. By monitoring these measurements, you can avoid potentially dangerous condition called Silent Hypoxia.


“Silent Hypoxia” is a critically dangerous condition when oxygen saturation level falls alarmingly low but an individual feels no symptoms or signs that something is wrong. This is an effect of the coronavirus that some doctors are seeing in patients.


EARLY Detection of HYPOXIA

Detect Hypoxia early on to get treatment as soon as possible before it is too late.

Pocket Size

Small enough to fit in your pocket or put on a lanyard and wear around your neck.

Continuous Monitoring

Store your oximeter results data through the DANAVI for Hypoxia App to monitor your blood saturation.

Bluetooth ENabled

Ensure connectivity with your phone through DANAVI for Hypoxia App from everywhere and get results immediately.