Intelligent Nutritional Intervention for Chronic Kidney Disease

DANAVI For CKD helps patients who suffer Chronic Kidney Disease to stay on top of their nutritional needs. With the app, their health care providers and dieticians are able to gather regular feedback from patients on a variety of health factors and vital signs (Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, to name a few). The app also enables dietitians to propose personalized nutrition plan and lifestyle adjustment based on current data. Using DANAVI for CKD, healthcare providers encourage patients to adhere to their treatment care and enable constant communication with their patients. Nutrition information is routinely collected and processed, presented to the patient as well as healthcare provider, for quick feedback, continuous monitoring, and immediate adjustment when needed.

Our DANAVI for CKD utilizes the following innovative aspects:


Up-to-date Recommendation

Enable dietitians to propose personalized nutrition plan and lifestyle adjustment based on current health data tailored to individual needs

Vital Signs Monitoring and Personal Health Record (PHR)

Patient is set to undergo health measurement with the use of appropriate sensors and/or wearable devices. The measurement obtained is automatically transmitted to the mobile or tablet and uploaded to secured repository

Continuous Feedback

Focus on nutritional feedback and monitoring mechanism through a secured portal in real time


Patients or their doctors can set reminders, for health-related activities, such as doctor appointments, or non-medical task, such as daily exercise activities and dietary requirements

Cross Platform

Available on Android, iOS or on the web, so patients and health providers have access regardless of the types of device they use

DANAVI for CKD is a digital nutritional Intervention platform that detects onset and monitors progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and delivers digital nutritional intervention to delay the progress of the disease. It employs Artificial Learning technology to predict onset of CKD, utilizing TensorFlow and CUDA optimized on NVIDIA GPUs on AWS, achieving an accuracy of 93.2% in onset of CKD detection. 
Dialisa, the developer of DANAVI for CKD, was named finalists at the 2020-2021 Artificial Intelligence Tech Sprint, hosted by the Department of Veterans Affairs, a competition aimed at improving healthcare for veterans using the latest AI technology.